World’s First Vegan Bones!


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Wooden shaped bones

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prevent new blemishes and whiteheads

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Edgy Veg

FAUX Bones are incredible for giving structure to you favorite vegan meat recipes


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These vegan bones are not edible they function just like an animal bone, they give structure to the plant-based meat. Just keep that in mind when you use faux bones for vegan diet that the bones are not to be chewed or ingested.

These bones are inserted in vegan/plant-based meats. The purpose is to give more shape and structure to vegan meat making it more meat-like, realistic, and appealing.

The Faux bones are made of various woods; teak wood, bamboo, coffee wood, and pine wood. The wood material used for the faux bones is strong food grade and safe for use with food products.

Faux bones are very durable and reusable. The number of uses, before rebuying, is left to the discretion of the purchaser.

Check the ingredients page for more detail. Wood has been inserted in food more than any other substance. It has been formed into skewers, popsicle sticks, chop sticks, etc. Wood comes from tree plants and is natural. Better than plastics or nylons.

Typically 7-14 business days once shipped.

Any of your favorite meat recipes. Check out YouTube forvegan meats, namely seitan recipes using vital gluten.

This is not recommended and strongly discouraged.Faux bones are intended for use in vegan meats. Faux Bones is not liable for any injuries sustained from using the product in any way not recommended.


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