"Faux bones make it difficult to tell this isn't really chicken!"

Faux T-Bones Bulk
Faux T-Bones Bulk

FAUX T-bones Big Bulk (40 bones)

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Easy to use!! Just insert into desired meat alternative!

Get the Faux Bones to make plant-based meats more appealing to vegans and carnivores! By giving the plant-based meat structure, texture, and an overall more aesthetically pleasing appearance they enhance the eating experience. After all we eat with our eyes! Eating plant-based meat instead of animal meat has proven to improve overall human health and vegan bones can aid in this effort!

The plant-based bones are the first of their kind! The objective is to make it easier to create structure, better handling and to make the vegan meat-eating experience as authentic as possible. Faux bones are totally safe made from ethically sourced organic woods that are suitable for the whole family.

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Durable vegan diet bones! Cooks well in the oven, grill, and is great for frying! Product is reusable!

100% vegan!

Faux bones encourage more people to eat plant-based foods and find alternatives to the keto and meat diets, by giving them realistic meat alternatives with resemblance to the animal meats they enjoy!!


1. Are Faux Bones edible?


Answer: These vegan bones are not edible they function just like an animal bone, they give structure to the plant-based meat. Just keep that in mind when you use faux bones for vegan diet that the bones are not to be chewed or ingested.


2. How do these plant-based bones work?


Answer: These bones are inserted in vegan/plant-based meats. The purpose is to give more shape and structure to vegan meat making it more meat-like, realistic, and appealing.


3. What are Faux Bones made of?


Answer: The Faux bones are made of various woods; teak wood, bamboo, coffee wood, and pine wood. The wood material used for the faux bones is strong food grade and safe for use with food products.


4. Are Faux Bones reusable?


Answer: Faux bones are very durable and reusable. The number of uses, before rebuying, is left to the discretion of the purchaser. 


5. Why did you use wood?


Answer: Check the ingredients page for more detail. Wood has been inserted in food more than any other substance. It has been formed into skewers, popsicle sticks, chop sticks, etc. Wood comes from tree plants and is natural. Better than plastics or nylons.


6. How long does shipping take?


Answer: Typically 7-14 business days once shipped.


7. What type of vegan meats should we use?


Answer: Any of your favorite meat recipes. Check out YouTube for vegan meats, namely seitan recipes using vital gluten.

8. Can dogs chew Faux Bones?

Answer: This is not recommended and strongly discouraged. Faux bones are intended for use in vegan meats. Faux Bones is not liable for any injuries sustained from using the product in any way not recommended.


9. Are Faux Bones Dishwasher, Microwave, and Oven/skillet safe?

Answer: Yes.

How to Use Faux Bones Video Tutorial:



  • Easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Safe for oven, grill and dishwasher
  • Featured by "Edgy Veg", "Sauce Stache" and other popular
    vegan influencers
  • Guaranteed to elevate your plant-based meat creations
Wooden shaped bones

Wooden-shaped bones to fit your plant-based meat creation needs! They provide structure and realistic

  • Results Guaranteed In 7 Days
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  • Tea Tree Oil - Disinfects and teats blemishes
  • No Irritation - Guaranteed to feel no irritation in your skin or side effects
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As featured by "Edgy Veg"

"FAUX Bones makes it difficult tell this isn't really chicken"

As featured by "Sauce Stache"

"FAUX Bones are incredible for giving structure to you favorite vegan meat recipes"

As featured by "Bold Flavor Vegan"

"I really enjoyed using faux bones in some of my favorite vegan meat substitutes!"



I'm blown away by the quality of the FAUX T-BONES I bought from this website. They're so easy to use and tasted just like real meat. My friends couldn't even tell the difference! I'll definitely be buying more


I've been using the WOODEN SHAPED BONES for a few weeks now and I'm loving them. They make my plant-based meat creations look so much more realistic and the different shapes make it fun to experiment with different recipes.


I was hesitant to try the FAUX T-BONES because I've had bad experiences with other plant-based meat products in the past. But I'm so glad I gave these a chance! They're delicious and easy to cook. I've already recommended them to my vegan friends.


The WOODEN SHAPED BONES are a game-changer! I used to struggle with getting my plant-based burgers to hold their shape, but these bones make it so much easier. Plus, they're reusable and easy to clean.